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Ask Your Landscape Contractor These Questions

Hiring a landscaping contractor? A professionally done landscape can improve the curb appeal and feeling of comfort on your commercial property. Before you get started with your professional landscaping project, ask your potential contractor these questions.

What Are Some Examples of Your Previous Projects?

Like most contractors, the best test of a landscape contractor’s work is previous work experience. Ask to see pictures of landscapes they’ve designed, implemented, and maintained. Ask about difficult projects they’ve accomplished or projects similar to yours that they’ve done. If they specialize in a particular area, ask about areas of work outside their specialty.

Can You Commit to a Maintenance Schedule?

Ideally, the same company that designs your landscaping will continue to provide hassle-free maintenance. This is particularly true of commercial landscaping, where your time and the time of your employees’ is better invested elsewhere. Be sure to ask for an estimate on maintenance costs as well. Some affordable landscaping companies aren’t capable of providing maintenance or charge more for this service.

How Eco Friendly Is Your Business?

There are a number of ways that a landscaping company can save money and reduce environmental damage with their designs. Some contractors use inefficient methods that require greater amounts of water and harsh chemicals to control weed and pest issues. Choose a landscaping professional who is committed to reducing water consumption and providing eco-friendly alternatives to inefficient landscaping techniques.

At Siteworks you’ll find professional landscaping contractors who are able to answer all of your questions while providing you with the landscaping resources you need to improve the value of your property. Contact Siteworks to start a conversation about your landscape by calling 480-630-7553 or sending us an email today!