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Design Your Commercial Landscape with Safety in Mind

Putting together the puzzle pieces of a landscape design for your commercial property requires a lot of thought and planning. Certainly, you want the landscape to look attractive and professional. Perhaps you want it to complement architectural features of the building or blend together with nearby properties. One of your top design priorities, however, should always center on safety.

Hide Eyesores and Restrict Access

There may be some necessary but unsightly equipment, such as electrical boxes, water meters, and other apparatus, that you'd like to hide and protect from vandalism. Dense ground cover, shrubs, and hedges accomplish this purpose while integrating with the overall landscape plan.

Define Walkways and Entrances

Nothing is more confusing for visitors or customers than arriving at a commercial property without any idea of where to go. A great environmental design accentuates the main walkways with attractive plants and bushes. Decorative accents can point the way to preferred entrances.

Provide Shaded Areas, Respite Benches and Safe Waiting Spaces

Whether they are tenants or visitors to your property, or just passers-by, people may need to get out of the hot sun or catch their breath before continuing on their way. Make sure your outdoor surroundings include shaded areas with flowerbeds and comfortable benches. If visitors frequently need to wait for a bus, taxi, or other transportation, provide safe seating with a good view of the street or driveway.

Manipulate Lighting to Accent Flower Beds, Illuminate Paths, and Guard Entrances

Your landscape can really shine at night with clever accent bulbs, but make sure the lighting provides well-illuminated paths for safe walking. Well-lit entrances are also a necessity so tenants and visitors can come and go in safety, regardless of the hour.

Beautiful commercial landscaping says so much about your property, but the most important purpose should be keeping everyone safe. If you're ready to learn more about how landscape design can enhance safety on your commercial property, contact SiteWorks by calling 480-630-7553 or sending us an email today!