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Don't Neglect Fall Fertilization

One of the ironies of lawn and shrub care is that the steps you take going into the dead of winter have the greatest impact on the landscape that emerges the next spring. Take the time during these early fall months to put a fertilization program into practice. Even better, hire an experienced lawn service to take this important step for you, and you will reap the benefits when spring rolls around. Don't forget that turning the process over to the professionals not only saves you time, but they can also spot potential problems and prevent future hassle and expenses. but they may also spot insect, disease and other problems that you can immediately address to prevent future hassles and expenses.

Advantages of Fall Fertilization

Even if you neglected a fertilization program all summer, you can still make a fall application now that will feed and help build up your lawn for the winter months ahead. You will want to use an ideal mixture of potassium and nitrogen. This will help the grass recover from the heat of the summer months and perhaps overuse by children and others. It will also promote needed lawn growth next spring and help prevent weeds as the lawn comes out of dormancy.

Other Fall Landscape Projects

Fall is also an ideal time for other lawn and plant maintenance, besides fertilization. Several important measures to implement for optimal lawns are dethatching, aerating, and seeding. Filling in bare patches of lawn with seed and adding additional seed to the rest of the lawn will result in beautiful, thick grass during the spring. Be sure to keep any freshly seeded areas thoroughly watered so the grass gets a good start this fall. You can also add fertilizer and water to trees and shrubs, also try spraying on a tree protectant to help them through the winter months.

A sound fall fertilization program is one of those efforts that pay off many times over when spring rolls around. If you're ready to have a reliable, experienced landscape company take over your fall landscape needs, contact SiteWorks for an onsite evaluation and estimate today. Call 480-630-7553 or email us today!