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Why Athletic Fields Require Special Consideration During Landscaping and Maintenance

When a commercial landscaper looks at an athletic field, he or she makes special considerations that would not be made during a typical landscape job. Athletic fields have certain requirements that must be met, and those requirements are often part of the legalities of the game. The following are some reasons athletic fields require special consideration for landscape and maintenance.


The first concern in any sport is the safety of the players. Athletic fields must be perfectly level, void of rocks and holes. If they weren’t, it would be a lot easier for a player to get a twisted ankle, trip and fall, or acquire other serious injuries. The turf of a playing field needs to not only be level and clear of obstructions, but it must also be dense enough to cushion the fall of players.


Each sport requires a specific size of playing field. A landscaper must take this factor into consideration when designing the area. The turf will also need to be cut at a certain height for every game, so maintenance cannot be neglected. There are some “best” grasses used for each sport as well. For example, many football fields in the northern U.S. use tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, or perennial ryegrass.


The timing of the landscape design and maintenance plan should be carefully thought out. A professional landscaper will have to schedule both initial installation and maintenance between practice hours, home games, and other events the fields are used for. This often poses a particularly tricky situation with baseball fields and keeping their mounds maintained.

Having the Professionals Handle Your Athletic Field Landscape

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