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SiteWorks Leadership Team

Executive Team

They say in business today that there are three kinds of people:
Those who know what's happening, those who don't know what's happening and those who make it happen.

At SiteWorks, we pride ourselves on the quality of our team, many of whom joined the company back in its beginnings and have worked cohesively to make us what we are today. We are truly a culmination of people who know how to make it happen. Our people are an appreciating asset to the company, for without them and their dedication, we would never be able to continuously realize our desired accomplishments. Regardless of market conditions, SiteWorks has remained committed to keep the key players of our team intact, which has enabled the company to persevere even during the most challenging of economic times.

Chris Malham
Rob Spoor
Don McIntyre

Administrative Team

Development Team

Maintenance Team

LandWorks Team

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